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Ziad Al Hakim

Master Ziad brings along over 25 years of experience in diverse disciplines of Martial Arts. Born in Jordan and Taekwondo black belt holder since 1994, he is a two-time Jordanian national Taekwondo champion with international competition experience.
Master Ziad trained under the military world champion Yousef Abu Zaid, Asian medalist, and World Cup medalist as well as other professional high performing martial arts instructors.  He is also experienced in other disciplines of martial arts besides Taekwondo and a certified Krav Maga Worldwide instructor.
In addition to his passion for martial arts from a very young age, Master Ziad is a Medical School graduate from Bucharest, Romania. His medical background makes him all the more knowledgeable in the physiology of the human anatomy and bodily mechanism which is a bonus that he has over other instructors, giving him a vast understanding of the physical abilities of his students.
Master Ziad moved to the US in 2006 and has been training both adults and children in martial arts and fitness, bringing along with him his international exposure which has given him supplementary insights and experience with diverse students of different backgrounds, cultures and languages.
Due to his long experience as a martial arts instructor, Master Ziad has a strong grasp on the mental aspect of the art and has a robust ability to drive his students to their maximum hidden potential.
Furthermore, Master Ziad has years of experience as a fitness coach and personal trainer. He was able to effectively train all levels of sportsmen from beginners to include many high performing professional athletes.
Thanks to his training experience alongside his medical background and cultural exposure, which resulted in a comprehensive well-rounded Master trainer in all fitness and martial arts aspects.

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